Stay with us my Darling - tomorrow is a brighter Day

NZ$ 800
Acrylics on Paper
58 x 41 cm

I sketched and started the painting without too much thought at first, all I knew was that I wanted to include a giant beetle. But while I was painting I thought about it more and the personal meaning behind everything became clearer.

The painting reflects my inner longing to care for those I love especially when they're feeling sad because I'm paranoid that they'll decide this world isn't for them, like other loved ones in the past. So as the root of this painting became clearer to me I thought, why is the one being comforted an oversized beetle? I came to the conclusion that even though they seem to be tough with their thick shell, often they fall on their backs and can't get up unless someone lends them a finger and puts them on their feet again. The girl sees its beautiful iridescent colours, much like the many great qualities I see in the people I love, but the beetle itself probably can't see them from its angle. Only in other beetles maybe, but to catch a glimpse of its very own beautiful shinyness it has to spread its wings and fly.

The title is inspired by the song "Beautiful" by VAST which has a sad as well as comforting feel at the same time.

You can listen to the song here.



If you're interested in purchasing art feel free to email jinxinthesky @ gmail . com

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